Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ming Red

I'm really busy with other things that I should be working on, so what better time to update my much neglected blog?! Here's a detail from a piece that I had in a recent group show in Chicago at the Oh No! Doom! gallery...
I recently(comparred to my last post, anyway) finally got an art desk. It's by Haskell of Pittsburgh, and the inspection tag says the color is Ming Red, though it just looks orange to me. I couldn't believe how clean this thing was when I found it.
I found this MASSIVE hanging light at an antique store in Marshall, MI for like $80. Eventually, it's gonna hang above my matching Electrohome Apollo record player.
Here's my desk in inaction. The Burke Inc. chair is fresh out of my dad's barn. We had a whole dining set at some point when I was little, and my dad tossed the probably still decent condition table years ago and used the chairs in the garage to sit on while working on his cars. Most of 'em got pretty nasty with grease and dirt. All 4 were still out there when I grabbed this, the least fucked up one. I also recently salvaged some hairpin legs from a formerly cool, now trashed 50's coffee table my dad had rotting on the porch for some reason. The repro "Orgy Of The Dead" poster was one of my X-mas gifts from Melanie. You can score one for yourself on Ebay(I forget the name of the people who make these) for like $12 or something. They also make KILLER Weird-ohs model kit advertising mobiles. I have one of those too!
My band recently downsized when our drummer Tiffany and her girlfriend Lane relocated to NYC, and our rhythm guitarist, Rudy, switched to drums. I just repainted his kick drum head. I outlined the letters in neon blue! I'm pretty happy with the results.
I'd like to say that I'll start updating this page more regularly, but it seems that the more promises I make, the more I drop the ball. Until next time...