Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Rare Update...Food, SICKLES, and Girls!

Finally!!! I wanted to do this update MONTHS ago, but my computer crashed, and I lost tons pictures and stuff...everything was a mess that I didn't wanna deal with...but I'm diggin' out finally.

I got a new ride! A restored 1957 Puch Allstate!

I still need some parts, like a cover to keep my pant leg outta the engine...but it runs and is quite fun to ride...except something's now I need to take it into the shop next time I have money.

Check out that paint job!

The dude I got it from found it in a dumpster 2 years ago, and restored it with parts scrounged from the Internet.

Glistening in the sun. The White walls are NOS Pirelli's from the early '60s

The speedometer doesn't work, but it smokes my friend's Metro scooter...

Here's me right after riding it for the first time. I later lowered the seat and fixed the mirror.

In with the new, out with the old...I traded away my Hondas to the guy that restored the Puch. Hopefully I have some cash in a couple years, so I can buy the bike he builds from them.

About a month ago, I went to the Speedshifters wheel club's annual summer-end party. I didn't get there 'til late, but I still got some decent Pics of my buddy Cody's AMAZING rides. Here's one of his choppers...

I LOVE his metal flake red '60 Chevy gasser!

It used to be my favorite local hot rod...

...But he's sure topped himself with his new bubble top rod!


I wish it was light enough out to get the interior...White fur and clear plastic seats!

Lastly, for Halloween, The Hemingers are gonna perform as one of my all time favorite bands...The Mummies!!!

...and our buddies, No Bails are gonna be Wire!