Saturday, August 13, 2011

The GO sounds of H.O.A.!

So, as usual, it's been a loooong time between posts, but this time it's not my fault. This post was held up waiting for an eBay package that took forevvvver to get here. Another future post is gonna be on my biggest purchase since starting HOA, but it's currently being repaired by more skilled hands. There's a hint to what it is in one of my pictures this post.

I've been wanting the Revells "Go sound of the slots" record ever since reading about it in the fantastic "Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth" book, and I recently scored a copy. It's a Slot car themed surf/drag record mostly penned by the late Gary Usher. You may know Mr. Usher for his work with the Byrds and the Beach Boys. He co-wrote "409", amongst other hits...that's even his car revving up at the beginning of "409". Most of the songs on here sound like a second rate Beach Boys, unsurprisingly...but my favorite song here is actually a faux soul number that reminds me of the Who's cover of "Please, Please, Please". It's also one of the few songs on this record NOT written by Gary Usher...but I bring him up because he'll surface again later in the post. Anyway, hear "My Little Slot Coupe" here.

Also in this picture is a record by a band called The Revengers. I found it at the local Salvation Army, and I can't find ANY info on it. from the label I've gathered that it was a local Coldwater, MI band in the 60's, and it was recorded in the Holland, Michigan area, but that's all I can find. The a side is decently done country-ish rock, but that's not really my bag...Listen to the surf instrumental "Revengers' Theme" here.

Lastly, we have "The Big X-L" by Ougie and the Ougots. I found this randomly in a pile of my dad's albums that he hasn't listened to since the 60's...but he claims he has never seen it, so I assume it belonged to my uncle Christopher, who was killed in Vietnam. All I've been able to find on these guys is one picture online, and I learned that they were from Georgia. Big X-L refers to the Ford Galaxie 500/X-L. Check it out here.

The kid's record player pictured I found real cheap at our local antique mall along with the Lesley Gore record. The record on the turntable is a beat-to-hell copy of J. J. Barnes' "Baby Please Come Back Home"/"Chains of Love". Some of you may know "Chains of Love" from the Dirtbombs' cover of it on "Ultraglide in Black". The green and white Platter Pak is from UHF in Royal Oak, MI, and the monster button is from the vintage clothing store next door. The orange swirl Platter Pak I scored on Ebay, after losing out on many others of the same design. I wish it was in better shape, but whatever...It's still awesome, and it's in use too.

The Humdinger Monster was apparently a 1 quart shake. In my quickie, half-assed research I found some neat Humdinger Monster puppets from '66 and an ad, but nothing saying who made the Humdinger.

Lastly, My newest eBay score...more Gary Usher madness! This JUST arrived on my porch today. I still need the other 2 Mr. Gasser albums...and I REALLY need the Weird-ohs and Silly Surfers LPs...if anyone's holding.