Sunday, January 31, 2010

The stuff that Dream Pets are made of...Saw Dust!

Dakin Dream Pets...I love them! I only started picking them up recently, but with over 2000 different Dream Pets made between 1957 and sometime in the late 70's, I think the collection will be exploding in no time. Every time I buy one, it seems, some old lady in the antique store/at the garage sale tells me how "Dream Pets are the original Beanie Babies", which to me, is like saying "The Damned are the original My Chemical Romance"...Dream Pets Rule, Beanie Babies are fun to light on fire, and that's about it. Fun fact...Dream Pets came about when the Japanese R. Dakin & Company wanted to ship toy trains to the US and decided to use these adorable little sawdust and velveteen bastards as a cheap and original packing material. The Dream Pets were super popular and the trains, not so much.

These three hang out down at my girlfriend's cake shop. The deer came from our local antique mall...The same booth where Melanie picked up those masks in my last post. I don't remember how much it was...less than $10. All the Dream Pets were picked up for $10 or less...Dream Pets are perfect for the collector on a budget. The Skunk(as seen on our X-mas card) and the Octopus were found in a junk box in the swap meet area of the Auburn, Indiana classic car auction(which I hear may not happen this year, 'cuz they're millions in the hole...bummer). I don't know any of their names(Dream Pets all came with a cardboard tag with their name on it), or what year they were made(some of the later ones have years printed in their tags). My guess is early 60's on the deer, late 60's or early 70's on the other two...not that it really matters.

This guy is called Bernard...real original. He came in a box of a dozen or so Japanese Sawdust toys that I got for 99 cents on Ebay. This is one of the ones that was reproduced in 2004, but this one is an original from 1965. Not that it matters. As far as I know, none of the Dream Pets are worth big money, and that's one of the things I love about them. When I was a kid, I collected Hot Wheels. I used to be able to pick up some of the early ones for $10 or so, but then the Hot Wheels market exploded (no)thanks to Ebay, and everyone started thinking every Hot wheels should cost in the triple digits...ruined the whole thing for me. Sorry 'bout the rant.

Dunno the Giraffe's name either. He also came in the big box from Ebay. I think it's the ugliest of my Dream Pets.

This turtle is from 1975. Also from Ebay box. He's a less cool version of Honolulu Harry, which is also in this post...guess I should have thought more about the order when I uploaded pics.

Ebay box poodle. It looks dirty in the picture, but it's not. My shirts(Black Sabbath and The Teeners) acting as the backdrop look washed out too...they're actually neon green. I suck at photography...and life.

Also From Ebaybox...

...So is this. This is my favorite of all the Ebay box crew(including the non-Dream Pets that are not included here). It's also one of the ones remade in '04, but this one is also an original from 1967. It's name is Hawaiian Hound Dog. The sticker on the surfboard says 'Souvenir of Cypress Gardens, Florida'.

This Tiger was found during the annual US 12 garage sale that stretches from Detroit to Chicago, and usually ends up draining my wallet half way through day one. This guy, however, was a thrifty 25 cents. His tag says he's from 1975, when the quality was really starting to slip.

Honolulu Harry! By far the most expensive Dream Pet in my collection, at a whopping $10. He's also been remade, but this one's from the 60's. He lives on top of my TV.

These are all 2004 remakes that we picked up at Hollywood Mirror in Chicago. HM is always a must stop on trips to Chicago, along with Uncle Fun, Quimby's and Permanent Records, and it's like walking into my brain. They are Tobasco Bull(1970), Billy Goat(1959), Henrien Hippo(1965), and my favorite...Mimi Octopus(1962).

Well, I need to go to bed...It's 5:30 am! I plan on doing an update soon on Dream Pet knock-off Japanese import sawdust toys from the 50's-70's. Yes, I am also shocked that I am heterosexual. Finally, FUCK Beanie Babies!


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and let me say YAYAYY! I am glad to find someone who is into the stuff I am and who loves the cheap-trash-free stuff more than the expensive ebay finds. I seriously, thank you. You (and a couple other bloggers) have inspired me to start up a "stuff" blog of my own. Go to . I haven't posted a blog yet but one is soon to come. I've been setting up the site thus far. OK, enough are awesome. Keep up the good work!

  2. BEN! Thanks for adding my blaaaag!
    I had Mimi once, then my dog ate her.
    Don't worry, it was a remake version, phew!

  3. I had someone drop off a bunch of boxes of dolls and toys that were doing to the dump. Most of the lot was trash but there was one little wonderful Dream Pet in there - he appers to be quite old. He is a black drow in blue overalls - kind of reminds me of the old late 50's cartoon characters. Anyway, can't find any reference to him anywhere. Have you ever seen this one? Annette

  4. Oops, meant black crow!

  5. Just remembered - they were magpies - Heckel and Jeckel from the mid forties through the mid sixties. This Dream Oet looks like one of the Magpies?

  6. I have found an original Honolulu Harry with with his name tag still on #3033 Product of Taiwan. Is this one worth anything?

  7. I have the entire collection of Dream Pets I looking to sell. Do you have any suggestions? They were given to me to sell as a fundraiser. I actually have 105 of them left.

  8. The "real" Dream Pets were made in Japan from 1959-1972. These are the really cool ones made of velveteen and filled with willow wood sawdust. In 1973, Dakin shifted manufacturing to Taiwan with the awful nylon tricote (a material best known in the manufacturing of bras). They ended production in 1980.