Friday, February 26, 2010

Owl Movement

Owls seem to be the kitschy collectible bird of choice these days...Sorry, pink flamingos. I have a bunch of owl stuff. I don't collect owl stuff or anything...hell, I really don't seriously collect anything(maybe records and vintage lamps), I just buy what I think is neat...and cheap. Anyway...

One little jewel-eyed Owl...

Two little jewel-eyed Owls...

BIG God damn jewel-eyed Owl!

Here's another picture of that monster, because he's awesome!

The salt and pepper shaker owls were made in 1956 by the George Zoltan Lefton Company(Geo Z Lefton Co.) of Chicago. Lefton was one of many importers of cheap, but nifty Japanese ceramic and porcelain goods...other big names were Holt-Howard and Napco. Lefton stuff is pretty popular as of late, but these owls are by no means rare...Most of the ones I come across(with both eyes intact) are around the $20 range. I got these at a Goodwill in Kalamazoo for a buck 50 each. I don't understand why Goodwill insists on selling a set of salt and pepper shakers individually, but I don't really understand why Goodwill does a lot of things they do. Definitely NOT my favorite thrift store, but every now and again, you can still score cool stuff.

The Big(over 16" tall!) Owl we found in the basement of one of our favorite semi-local(because there is NOTHING in Coldwater) antique malls. He wasn't as cheap as the salt and pepper shakers, and it took several antique shopping trips before we finally said 'screw it, we NEED that'...but I'm glad we got it, because it's probably the most awesomest thing on the planet! It was made in 1967 by the Universal Statuary Corp, also of Chicago, Ill. Universal was started and run by brothers Jack and Leo Lucchesi(Wonder if they're related to Tina Luchessi, of Trashwomen fame?), who brought in artists from Italy and Guatemala to design all their statues, lamps, wall plaques, and whatnot. They are the source of all those ugly 70's Spanish explorer wall plaques and lamps you see at garage sales. Universal made a lot of VERY cool chalk ware tropic tiki-ish stuff in the 40's and 50's, and that stuff goes for relatively big bucks now days, or so my quick scan of Ebay tells me. They also made a pair of cats that I need.

Finally, speaking of owls, here's a poster I drew for a show my band's playing on Saturday(The Burning Hatreds).


  1. Your owls are great! The big guy is like the Shaft of 70's owls...He's one bad mutha--you shut your mouth! The poster is fab! I have only done a few posters for my friends bands, they always intimidate me...I feel like my "cool" factor is too low or something. Also, your blog title slayed me...huh huh Owel rhymes with bowel huhuh huhuh (Beavis & Butthead laugh)

    In other news, I'd like to personally invite you to "follow" my blog with Google friend connect. I'm sending out thank-yous to the first 15 peoples and since I SUPER HEART your blog, I'd love it if you were my #15! Plus you'll get some handmade swag in the mail! Thinka boutit! -AVF

  2. Love the owls! That big one is spectacular!!!

  3. Hey there. I've been combing the internet looking for this giant owl from Universal Statuary. My dad just inherited one from his aunt. He thinks it's valuable, but I have my doubts. Any idea how much these are worth? It IS very massive and if you stare at the eyes too long you can become hypnotized. My dad keeps it in the living room. It think it needs shag carpeting and velvet decor to be fully appreciated.
    Curious, Carolyn

  4. my cousin in athens texas has the twin of your most awesome owl on the planet...its so cool he resides at an antique shop called atmospheres have some fabulous photos i would love to share with you

  5. My grandmother had the very same big owl statue in her home for the last 40+ years. It now resides in my mother's house. Very cool.