Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raiding Dad's Stash pt Deux: Sniffin' Glue

Well, hell. I took a bunch of pictures of model cars my dad and my uncles built back in the late 50s and 60s, and my crap camera won't let me take pictures close enough to see detail. Everything looks fuzzy. I'll have to ask one of my photographer friends to help me I models have joined my Hot Wheels collection on the back burner for now. Thankfully, I have a scanner, so here's some neat model car box art, mostly from 1960-62. I have some of the accompanying cars, other boxes are empty or fulla parts. I found these in a leaky barn after my grandma died, and I'm really surprised they survived in such an environment as long as they did.

This first box is for the '36 ford 3n1 kit. This is the side of the box, because the front just shows the boring stock version. I have 2 of these boxes, and one and a half of the models. Both models were built as a hybrid of the 2 styles shown here, and both were painted blue. I assume one belonged to my dad, and the other to my uncle Christopher. Oh yeah, as always, you can click the picture for a better look.

This is the 40 Ford. The box is in great shape, and the graphics are killer. I have at least 5 of these in different stages of decay, but only one box. When my grandma died, there was model car stuff scattered EVERYWHERE(she had 4 sons that ALL built models!). Nothing was in order. I've spent time here and there over the years trying to sort what I have, but that's literally hundreds of thousands of mismatched parts. I'd like to restore some of these some day. Luckily, a lot of these got reissued over time, so restoring some, like the 40 Fords, wouldn't be to hard. Unluckily, the prices on new model cars are OUTRAGEOUS!

Here's a detail from the side, showing the totally bitchin' racing version.

The hot rod option on this 32 Ford Roadster is really killer... is the racing version. I wish I had enough spare parts for this one. I only have a smashed to hell body, the windshield and one stock rear fender. Bummer.

I love how the hot rod version to almost every kit back then was just flame decals and moon discs. This kit is from the transitional period when competitors AMT(aluminum model toys) and SMP(scale model products...inventors of the 3 in 1 kit) were merging into one company. I have the body of this, and a 59 El Camino reissue, which I'm considering merging into one, one of these days.

I've got a lot of parts to this kit. So many, that I was starting a rebuild, but while doing a research, I found out that this version of this kit just got re-issued a couple weeks ago, so I'll probably just buy a new one when car show season starts in May.

Here's the side detail, showing some of the many possible combinations you can build with the available parts.

Well...there ya go. Not too informative, and I'm sure to my non-car crazed readers, probably rather dull...but I think it's cool, and I've got lots more to post in the future, including some models I've personally built, but I think I'm gonna take a break from car stuff on here for a little while. At least until the Coldwater car show. I dunno what to post next. My house is getting some major work done, so a lot of stuff is packed away for a while. There's a noticeable layer of dust on everything. I'm sure it's safe to breath this all in. Hmmm.....


  1. I love those. How cool that you still have the boxes. I just made the El Camino pic my desktop wallpaper. Feel free to post all the car related stuff you want, I don't mind! I'm thinking about merging my car's blog with I.H.E, then I'd upkeep it more and I think my reader's would like the car stuff too. What are your car(s) again? I know you have a wagon but is there another?

  2. Ah! Amendum: I had you confused with Uncle Atom's blog. I know he has a wagon. Sorry bout that! But seriously, you can keep postin' the car stuff...I love it!

  3. Nope, no wagon. I have a 1961 Corvair sedan that needs the engine rebuilt, and to be sold...and I have a Ford flathead V8 engine that's dying to be put in a model a one of tese days, if I ever get my hands on one. I've got a couple 60's Honda cub project bikes too, that also need to be sold.

    Don't worry, there's gonna be PLENTY of car/model/hot rod culture stuff on here in the future. It's really where all my collecting started, after all.