Friday, January 21, 2011


So, I know I have left my readers out in the cold for several months. I feel terrible about it. I've been super busy lately, putting together 2 art shows and doing a bit of traveling. Also, I was without a camera for a good chunk of time...but enough of my excuses...let's jump in it!

I honestly don't remember where I got these bobble head tigers. Maybe I'm getting Alzheimer's early. They were at one of the local antique stores a few months ago, I think, but I don't remember which one.

Melanie and I stopped in a nifty antique shop in Memphis while we were in town for Gonerfest, and she picked up this little purse with winking eyes. She has a couple similar coin purses that I'm sure were made by the same company, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of them when I see 'em...damn Alzheimer's.

Flip it over, and it's a guy. Tranny purse.

When we got home from Memphis, we were greeted by a new floor in the bakery.

My mom got me this cat for x-mas as a stocking stuffer. She doesn't know I know she got it at the local Salvation Army for $1. I think there's a matching dog around here somewhere...A bunch of my stuff's in boxes.

This Flip Wilson talking doll was my X-mas gift to myself. At $5, I couldn't pass it up...

...especially considering that when you flip Flip over, he becomes Geraldine, and hangs out with tranny purse.

This is Gaylord...he was made in 1962 by Ideal, and I found this one still with it's bone! My parents wouldn't let me have a dog when I was a kid, and I suspect that if I was a kid in 1962, they would have gotten me this instead and told me it's just as good as a real dog. That's what this toy was...something to shut your kids up when they beg for a dog...No wonder Gaylord's time in toy stores was short. The name probably doesn't help much.

These garage rocker dolls were in the same Memphis antique store as the tranny purse. I think they look like my friend Jules. I don't know where or when they were made, but they are pretty cool regardless.

I gave Melanie this poodle for Christmas, and it turned out that she had almost bought it for me. That happens every year. We got each other Charles Phoenix books, and my mom and Melanie both got me the "Cartoon Modern" book about mid-century modern animation.

I must've had tacos the day I took this picture, hence the Mexican Pepsi bottle lurking in the background.

This awesome sad eye cat picture was an x-mas gift from my mom.

Melanie got me another piece for my big/sad eye collection for Christmas... well as her big sister. I dig the big eye/pin-up crossover! I also dig my bathroom's wallpaper!

Well, hopefully it won't be such a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE gap between updates next time.


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  2. Oh wowee! Nice treasures. Your mop-top rockers look like the same vintage of "knee hugging" christmas elves that are out there. I think the big eye cat print is my favorite! Oh, yeah I love the bakery floor too!

  3. Whoa! I love the Garage Rockers and the Flip Wilson doll is really cooool. You Devil you!

  4. Love the Brunette Ballerina. I had the jewelry box as a kid.

  5. Awesome blog! Come see me at Zootsuitmama! I may just do a give a way of some
    "big eyed" art.