Thursday, April 14, 2011


So, I was gonna do a big update about the really great budget rock records I just scored, and the awesome new coffee table we picked up...but it appears that my little brother pilfered my camera's cable to upload pictures onto the computer while he was here on spring break. Fuck! So no antiques, but I gotta give you guys here's some of the plethora of posters I've done lately. My new band, the Hemingers, was lucky enough to get to play a couple of the shows. Overnight Lows KILL!

If you dig my stuff, be sure to go to the Chicago Blackout in May...I'll be a part of the kickoff art show on the 26th, along with Timmy Vulgar and Chris Ilth, amongst other greats! Hopefully I have my camera cable replaced by then.


  1. Hot Damn these posters are great! I flippin' love the Conjoined Elvis one (it just became my desktop wallpaper). In fact you seem to have a conjoined twin theme happenin' here. I wish I could hit up that event. Alas, I'm on the other side of the country! Seriously, your art blows my mind!

  2. far out to the max, man! the last one is my fave cuz it's so sick-o-delic!

  3. p.s. can't wait to here about the budget rock discs too....