Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't trust anyone under 30!

Hey-a, loyal readers! Like always, it's been a long time between updates. I've been up to a lot lately. One thing I did since last update was have an art show as part of the return of the amazing Chicago Blackout. I sold a lot of paintings, but this one was one of my favorites!

Another thing I did was turn 30. The Hemingers got to play a super fun show in Kalamazoo with Peach Kelli Pop for my B-day...here's a pic!

I finally got my hands on one of these nifty bird banks. I almost got one a couple years ago, but when I showed up at the antique store with money, it was gone. This one is in REALLY great shape, and still has a key to open the bottom and a scroll with a poem on it intact. It's made by Oy Mk Tuote Ab in Finland, in I'm guessing sometime between '65 and '72. Gonked Glooked Slurped wrote about these a year or so ago.

Here's another view of it on my cruddy living room couch.

I got this neat ceramic drunk monk bank from the local goodwill for $2. There's no maker's marks, and I assume it's just something someone made in a ceramics class.

This folk art PBR can man was at one of my favorite local antique stores. It's neat but when you lift his can....

....he has a wang! The rubber band is broken, but when you lift the can, he's supposed to get a boner. I had to buy it, 'cuz I'm nothing if not classy!

We picked up this nifty Stanley cabinet last summer in Lansing, and I never got around to uploading the pictures until now. Our friend Colleen wrote about this exact cabinet last year on her excellent Space Age Squirrel blog.

We had our eyes on it for a long time, but it was out of our price range. Every time we saw it, it got a little cheaper until we finally snagged it for $95.

It's at Melanie's bakery,and is currently LOADED with antiques...and the bakery now has a cooler floor. Right after we got this, my mom scored a pair of even better cabinets by stanley at an estate sale for $75. I'm jealous!

There are no manufacturer markings on this KILLER chair. We found it in Marshall, MI at another of my favorite antique shoppes. I now need a giant world map with red pins marking my next targets, and a long haired cat to pet while I plot evil deeds.

This picture is in the bakery basement, but it currently sits in the office. Any info on the manufacturer would be much appreciated.


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 30 aint bad, I'm about to turn 32 myself. I read an article about "emerging adults", and it said today's young folks aren't even making grown up choices in their lives until they hit 30 or so. Well, I think that's bunk...but if that's the case, welcome to adult hood! You have some wicked good stuff here! Can you please re-create some blue prints to make the PBR Boner-Can-Man? I would love to make some of those! Your bird bank is the bees knees and I friggin' LOVE that enormous super villain chair! It is so vintage-modern it hurts!

  2. YAY! Happy Birthdaaaay to you, Hoarder of Awesome!!! :)
    Looks like ya found some sweet new gear!
    That cabinet is such a beauty, I can't believe you guys got it for 95 buckeroos!!! Nice job! AH, it looks perfect against that orange wall! Oh yes, and thank you for the mention! If my photoshop trial still works, I shall make you a button on my blog!
    and the chair is great! The second picture reminds me of a big marshmallow slab but I guess I just need a snack!