Tuesday, May 11, 2010

H.O.A. Field Report: The Decline Of The Coldwater Car Show

Hey readers...sorry about the big gaps in between posts...I've been stupidly busy as of late, on top of my natural tenancy to procrastinate. And it might be a few more days from starting this post, until I finish it, because I think I might be coming down with some food poisoning. Great.

I've never missed a day of it, and as a Kid, it was like Christmas to me...I went to the Coldwater Car Show over the weekend, and it was a total bust. maybe only 100 cars...lowest turnout since they started having it in, I think '86. A lot of people were blaming the weather, and that was definitely a big factor, but so was the shitty management of the whole thing. It used to be run by a committee of local hot rodders...my dad was on it the first few years...but eventually, it was taken over by the Chamber of Commerce and a local bank...and every year they inject some more of their "bright" ideas into what used to be the best thing to happen in this town all year. Now it's just a sad shell.

Anyway, I brought my camera, and snapped a few pictures. I have a plea to the traditional hot rodder/rat rodder(God, I hate that term) community. Can you please stop this 20's/30's field car, re-imagined 50's lowrider, bullet-riddled, rust pile stuff?! It was neat the first dozen times I saw it, but now it's just stale and unimaginative(which is quite a feat for a radical custom).

I say this because this...

and this....

...are two different cars, built by two different people, who didn't know each other until this weekend. If you look real hard, you can see my Dodge hiding behind the American flag trash can.

Even though there were only maybe 15 cars in it, the for sale lot still had some decent stuff. This wrecked '64 Triumph caught my eye. How often do you see one of these smashed up like this?

...another angle

...and again.

this '57 Ford pickup would make an excellent Hoarder Of Awesome junk hauler! If only I had a spare 5 Grand. Of course, I'd paint it metal flake lime green, and put Cragar mags on it.

In one of the vendor barns, out of the wind and rain and cold, I found a booth with a guy selling a bunch of bootleg prints. All sorts of cool stuff...lots of biker flick posters, old dragster photos, Munsters press kit photos, Ed Roth ads, Hot Wheels...all sorts of 60's stuff. I bought this nifty Eve print for $6. I'm not wild about the 'love' flower added to the image, but whatever. The guy also had 5 or 6 crates of quite expensive, and quite fantastic, 60's surf and drag records. In middle of the pile, I found a Phantom Surfers record! I never would've thought I'd find that in Coldwater, over an hour from the nearest record store. The label said it was from the mid 60's, and I had to set the seller straight...and, of course, I bought the record once I talked the price down. How could I not, it had covers of "Eaffin' and Surfin'" from the movie 'Rat Phink A Boo Boo' and a song from 'Bikini Beach', my favorite Frankie and Annette beach flick! I talked to the vendor a while, and gave him a crash course in all things Mike Lucas. He was neat looking...like a Mort Todd drawing of creepy Lurch-type cartoon monster guy.

I really dig this Chevy gasser. I like the yellow Plexiglas windows a lot. I'm glad people are starting to bring this style back.

This Chevy truck is about as ugly as you can get, but I kinda like it...I don't know why.

Here's my baby. Okay, technically it's my dad's baby...but it's the first thing I ever drove when I got my license, and I drive it more than he does. He usually takes his '63 Corvette(he bought it in '68!) to shows, and I drive the Dodge. It's a '52 Coronet. I LOVE this car. This is it's bad side, with the missing trim, but like an idiot, I parked behind a trash can, so I couldn't get a good shot of the other side. It was just starting to rain when I took this picture, and about 10 second later, the sky opened up and started dumping buckets of water. I jumped in the car and shut the door, and the drivers side window fell off it's tracks and into the door! So I had to hurry home, getting soaked, with hopes my print and my record were okay in the back seat, and not getting drenched. What a way to end the worst car show ever.

One of the big reasons I've been neglecting my blog is all the art projects I'm in the middle of. I thought some of you might dig what I've been working on, so here's a couple posters I did over the weekend.

I'm DJing at the Nobunny show and I can't wait! My band opened for him last time, but he was really sick, and spent the whole show in his van...he still kicked ass once he hit the stage though. Nobunny is the best!

Keeping with the automotive nature of this post, here's what I came up with for June's Jacuzzi Boys show. I'm glad I FINALLY get to see 'em!

Finally, I went to a show Saturday night in Kalamazoo to see a band from Toronto called the Rocket Reducers. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was blown away! If you like rock n roll in a Teengenerate, Devil Dogs sorta way, GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!!!


  1. This cars are of no used all this cars are crap so get a new one. Anyways this was a nice post and keep uploading more.
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  2. That was a sad little car show :(
    What do banker's know about cars? The Coronet is sweet, didn't those used to be used as cop cars? The posters are really great too! You are super talented. I like the monster one, I just watched the Rat Fink documentary, Tales of the Rat Fink, it was so so. The flash animation kinda put me offa it. Whatever happened to classic animation! Anyways, keep the posts up and don't get sick, you'll miss those shows!

  3. HA i was gonna tell you the same thing...i actually have a sneaking suspicion we mighta bought 'em off the same guy. i got mine several years ago at a big car show here (blue suede cruise) and i can't remember what dude looks like but it sounds like he had similar stuff. i also got a monkees print off him and one of elvis driving a racecar...

  4. Oh, and yeah, I think Dodge coronets were used as cop cars, but probably not this early on, when they still straight 6's in 'em. In the early 50's, most cop cars were Fords, I think. But I know in the 60's, once they had big V8s, the Coronets were also used as cop cars.

    I started watching the Rat Fink movie, but I didn't really dig it too much, so I never finished it.