Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Don't Go In The Bathroom With Me!

If you don't get the Misfits reference, don't worry, this post isn't about poop...Hell, that song isn't even about poop, it's about murder. This post isn't about murder either, though. It's about the redecorating job I did on the bathroom at the bakery.

I wish I had pictures of this bathroom when Melanie bought the place. It was UUUUGGGLLLLLYYYY! It was a dark red, with gold poorly sponged over it, with 80's navy blue light house wallpaper half-assedly glued half way up the wall.

This is what I did with it...

On the two larger walls, I hand painted this design. I based it a lot on the background painting from shows like the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and Ren and Stimpy, along with mid-century(and mid-century influenced) hipster artists, like Shag, and Jim Flora. Also, cheap motels and gin and tonics. Yes, it took a very long time to get it just right...I was a total Nazi about it too, just ask Melanie.

The door was just a plain, light, cheap, wood office door. I redid it(along with all the doors in the bakery) in a 50's mint green, same as I used in the middle of all the squares on the walls. The trim is a gloss gray.

The trash can under the sink we picked up in Ypsilanti, MI. I forgot why we were there, probably on the way to Detroit for a show. I had seen these online and had it in mind when I did the bathroom, so I had to grab it the second I saw it. It isn't old, and was really cheap, like $10 I think.

The clock is a Lux(No Cramps relation). I see these a lot and for cheap. In fact, there's two at the local antique mall right now for around $30, if I remember right. I think we got this one for $15 or $20, I don't remember. I do remember that we bought it the day our apartment in Kalamazoo got robbed, and I was carrying it in when I noticed stuff was amiss. I'm guessing it's from the later 60's. It plugs into the wall, but I wound the cord up behind it, because it's an ugly, kinked up cord, and the clock is loud when plugged in, and I don't usually go to the bathroom to check the time.

I found this lampshade at this weird antique used mug/junk store that used to be in the neighborhood. The owner died, and I bought a ton of random crap off her son, who I think just wanted to shovel everything into a huge dumpster. I painted the blue squares on it though. The 70's green glass lamp used to belong to a friend of mine who had a bunch of cool late 60's/early 70's stuff...Lots of owl stuff, puke green chairs, things like that. She's one of those people, though, that just snapped one day, got an office job, stopped going to shows, stopped hanging out, married some random boring guy and started shitting out kids. What bummed me out the most is that when she changed lifestyles over night, she abandoned a couple paintings I'd done for her. Another friend of mine rescued them from the trash. What the hell. Anyway, I managed to save a few neat things she was tossing, this lamp being one.

Here it is turned off. The table it's on I picked up at a church sale for $3. The reading material is Atomic Ranch...Which I took WAY too long to find out existed.

I feel bad for going almost a month without a new post for y'all. I've been pretty busy/distracted/drunk. Here's some more posters I've done lately, I hope you enjoy them.

I wish I was in Florida for this...that's one hell of a lineup!

This one's for a show in Dublin, Ireland!

I'm going to this in a couple hours!

I wish I coulda made it to this one too!


  1. I love the bathroom and your Misfits reference! :)

  2. i hope i get to take you to flower child when you come to cleveland! you'll drool.

  3. Sweet poop-palace! I can't believe you offer people at the bakery your Atomic Ranch's, if it was me goin in there and I didn't know y'all, I'd steel the whole stack. Well, I have a habit of stealin' stuff from public restrooms, I have about 40 "employee must wash hands" signs hanging above my own sink at home hehe! Now that I work at a sign shop though, my karmic retribution is having to actually make those signs! Admittedly I have quit stealing them since then, boo. Your poster talents totally amaze me! I hung up the ones you sent me behind my desk! Thanks again!

  4. Actually, customers very rarely use our bathroom. Unless it's a wedding cake tasting, they're usually in to get their baked goodies, and out within 2 minutes.

    I can't wait to see Flower Child...sounds like a hell of a place!