Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Eye/Sad Eye Awesomeness part One

Heeeeyyyyyy....I'm smashed. I'm making Mojitos in celebration of finishing a long, intricate, time consuming art project...and I have tomorrow off, sorta. Actually, I'm going to see Nobunny, and I'm spinning records in between bands. Any way...

I LLLOOOVVVEEE cheesy, kitschy, 60's/70's Keane influenced big/sad-eye's a few pieces(notice where I put 'part one' up there...I gotta stretch this shit out!) from my collection/hoard pile.

I found this guy in my last trip to Shipshewana, which I previously blogged about here. He was buried amongst the MOUNDS of junk in that American Pickers-esque barn. There's STILL a few goodies outta that place that I'm saving for later posts. This Japanese Enesco piece might look familiar to readers of HOA...He's a less cool(but still cool), and beat up version of these. I got it for a dollar, just like everything else in the barn. I looked up 'Enesco' on google. As far as I can tell, they're still cranking out cheap junk...I typed "Enesco" into Ebay, and got 40,000-plus results!

The Enesco cats look like this cat. I dunno who made these...I know there were a bunch of these sad cats and dogs made in (I assume) the early 70's, and if I wasn't seeing double, and having to go back and re-type every other word, I'd probably look it up...

Anywhozzle, I grabbed this at a semi-local antique mall for $5.

I also have a lamp of it. I found this on my last trip to Ohio, at an antique store, while I was waiting in line to pay.

Here's another view...

...and another...

Speaking of Ohio, HOA is going on the road this July. I'll have a table at the record trade/flea market/Poppets and Sweet Sixteens show/cookout at Now That's Class on the 11th. Come buy some collectibles or some artwork(Saving up for Gonerfest/My band's tour), and say 'hi'. I'm excited...I've never spent any time in Cleveland. Gonna visit friend and fellow blogger Erin, of the wonderful Trash You Up blog. I gotta start getting stuff around to sell. I know Melanie is gonna bring a bunch of cool vintage dresses.

Anyway...Here's some 70's puzzles Melanie and I found and put together....

This one was missing a piece, bah!

I remember, we did this one during Obama's first State of the Union address...When Joe Wilson yelled 'you lie!', we were finishing the border of the brim of the hat.

Both puzzles are labeled 'Bright Eyes'...I wonder if that's where Conor Oberst got the name for his shitty music. I said, I'm friggin' smashed, thanks to tasty mojitos. The Mojito has made somewhat of a splash as of late as a hip drink of choice. It's unfortunate that most places make them wrong. I make real Mojitos...a recipe I learned from my Italian friend Mario, who learned the proper technique while on vacation in Cuba(birthplace of the Mojito). Here's how to make a real Mojito

In a glass, crush half a lime and a generous few sprigs of mint, and some natural cane sugar. Add crushed Ice, and equal parts spiced and light rum...maybe a slight bit more light rum. I like to keep a spoon in the drink, and stir it before each sip, otherwise, the lime and sugar sink to the bottom.

A lot of bars just use light rum and a mix. Some bars use soda water, or sprite! That is not a mojito.


  1. AhHAHAHAH! Firstly, I do not want to encourage you to become an alcoholic, but you write some hilarious shit when you are drunky! If so ever the mood strikes you to blog while sloshed please do but don't do it just for our sake! I almost spit tea all over my monitor when I read the Conner Oberst comment! Har-dy Har Har! And seriously, who doesn't remember where they were when Joe Wilson yelled 'you lie!', Me I was playing Canasta with my elderly wise-cracking neighbors Dorothy, Rose, Sophia and Blanche. We all sat in the kitchen after wards eating ice cream and discussed it. When I was leaving that night, I 'Thanked them all for Being a Friend' during this crazy political climate. Good Times, Good Times.

  2. Hahaaa Great post!
    Andy and I wish to come see you guys at your sale/trade/thingy! Man we'd probably be buying all of your stuff right up!
    P.s. That lamp just amazes me..I've never seen one live in person EVER!
    You guys know all the hot spots, we should all go junkin' someday!

  3. those pity puppies/pity kitties are by GIG! my ultimate favorite big-eyed pieces. i did a big-eyed post in my blog not that long ago.

    CANNOT WAIT to hang in july!! its gonna be a blast!

  4. Don't worry, I'm not becoming an alcoholic. I'm usually too busy drawing at night to drink, or blog, so when I get a chance, I usually am doing both. Plus, the mint doesn't last long in the fridge, and I'd hate to let it go to waste.

    Colleen, you and Andy and Melanie and me should totally go junking/thrifting/picking/antiquing/yard saling/dumpster diving sometime. Come to Coldwater sometime!

  5. Heck yeah that would be lots o' fun! Maybe you guys could give us the grand tour of Coldwater? Sounds like an interesting place to me.
    We will have to plan this event sometime soon!

  6. I would totally love to go thriftin with u, I love your lamp-cheers!

  7. I would totally love to go thriftin with u, I love your lamp-cheers!