Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleveland Bound

This is gonna be the quickest blog post ever. I need to drive to Indiana and pick Mel up from work in 45 minutes, and then it's driving to Cleveland through the night. I've been gathering art and nifty old stuff to sell all day long...I still haven't even packed my toothbrush or clothes....I MUST NOT FORGET TO DO THAT! Anyway, I have a REALLY hard time parting with things(the Hoarder part of my blog title is no joke...I really have an OCD hoarding complex...the Awesome part, however, is up for debate), so it's been tough packing up the car for the big flea market/record fair/ art show/cookout/punk show. Anyway, here's some of the stuff I'll have on hand...

Here's a panting/collage I'll have for sale...It's about 2 foot by 2 foot. It took a REALLY LONG TIME.

Here's an even bigger one. I've been saving them for a gallery show...but I need money for Gonerfest, so they're going on sale early!

Here's a swell little mod picnic dining set.'s what's inside!

A bunch of junk I still need to put in the car. Yes, that's an MC hammer doll in the box.

I'm bringing the camera, so look forward to a big Cleveland post when I get home!

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  1. Man, have a great trip! I am intersted in yo' art...whatever does'nt sell, I'd like to see pics of, maybe get one myself :-) I have one of the picnic balls, we call it "the orb" and take it camping with us. I also had some MC Hammer dolls when I was younger, we actually got them from a Big Lots and played with them and the Barbies. MC Hammer loved Barbie!